QPM Morning Meeting - Reports on the Work of Precision Engineering in Metal Working

QPM Morning Meeting - Reports on the Work of Precision Engineering in Metal Working

2021-06-11 14:24

Time: June 9, 2021
Place: Qilu Auditorium
Theme: Reports on Precision Engineering

Meeting Contents:

1. Mr. Zhang from production department to do the Responsibility System Report.
2. Mr. Feng from metal working workshop to make the summary of the project work.
3. Mr. Dai from metal working workshop to talk about production tools management and feeding process.
4. Mr. Zhang from metal working workshop to conclude the summary of the project work.

Now let us have a quick view about the summary of each speakers' contents.

Mr. Zhang from production department:
1) Definition of Precision Engineering
It refers to fine working, single-minded, dedicated and professional through all process in metal working workshop to achieve maximum benefits in production.
2) The reason of Precision Engineering
In response to the general manager’s suggestion at the regular production meeting, we are pushing forward the company’s production capacity be doubled in 2021 than in the year of 2020. How should we achieve this strategic goal? We have widely listened to the workshop staff found in the production process of non value added routine, combined with the actual situation of the company and carried out such a workshop reform and we are glad we have get some positive results thereafter.
3) Specific contents and its implementation
A total of 5 activities were initiated in the early stage of the fine specialty project, they are special person to debug the machining equipment, special person to operate the processing equipment, special person to distribute the materials, special person to manage the public tools and measures and special person to check the production progress.

Mr. Feng from metal working workshop:
First, I would like to thanks for the support and the help from all staff. My speech points go as follows, Special person do the work they are in good skill and experience. Special Person for processing production and similar parts by special machine processing. Special person keen on the machining of processing parts in large batch lots. Special quality inspection person.

Mr. Dai from metal working workshop:
Two points of my speech:

1) Tool warehouse management in metalworking workshop. A tool assortment place was next to the machining center. All kinds of waste NC cutter heads are collected and put into storage for unified treatments.

2) The process of receiving and feeding by special person. Material Delivery: according to the work order in each shift, warehousing, painting, assembly personnel materials, etc. , there is a special person to process the finished materials who sent to the designated warehouse or personnel hands, after each personnel signed and received the work order to return to each shift to the production department every afternoon.

4, Mr. Zhang from metal working workshop
I would like to report the implementation of the project in the last three months. In order to improve the work efficiency, our metal working workshop numerical control group has implemented the following measures.
1) Batch processing.

2) Machining of similar parts by special machine.

3)The special person programming.

4) Keep all the maching equipment running as long as possible. In the trial process, we constantly find problems, solve problems, now we are in the production and processing links with more tacit understanding, efficiency improvement as times shown.

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