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Qingzhou Qilu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Qingzhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province. The company occupies an area of ​​80 acres and has an internationally standardized factory building of 20,000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of liquor and other non-gas liquid packaging machinery integrating research, development, manufacturing, sales and service.
Qilu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a credit unit of Shandong Province, a governing unit of the Science and Education Equipment Committee of China Wine Industry Association, and a provincial high-tech enterprise. In June 2012, it obtained the AA-level standardization good behavior municipal certification. On November 29, 2012, the high-precision electronic filling machine independently developed and produced by our company was recognized as a national scientific and technological achievement. (Achievement name: "Visible liquid level double-buffer non-contact liquor quantitative filling machine"; identification unit: China National Light Industry Council (formerly Ministry of Light Industry)).
Since its establishment in 1992, Qilu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has always devoted its main energy to our professional and technical field-packaging machinery, with "strengthening to build the first brand of China's filling machinery" as its corporate responsibility and goal. Down-to-earth and unswerving implementation of diversified strategic development deployment, adhering to the concept of rapid introduction, more improvement, and continuous innovation, comprehensive research and development and innovation have filled domestic gaps in many aspects, and some technology patents are even world-firsts. So far, 5 invention patents and 15 utility model invention patents have been obtained, forming a unique market competitive advantage.
Qilu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has a first-class technical team in the industry, equipped with industry-leading professional processing equipment, fully utilizes modern CAX technology and ERP management system, fully implements the 6S on-site management system, and takes "focus on every detail and pursue perfection" as Guidelines and established a strict quality supervision system. Qilu people firmly believe that professionalism is the basic condition for safeguarding the common interests of enterprises, individuals and society. Strict quality standards are reflected in the enterprise's hardware and software environment, and we will never act hastily.
Qilu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established for more than 20 years. The products of the "Qilu" brand have been spread all over the country and sold overseas. They are widely used in various wineries, beverage factories, sauce and vinegar factories and food, chemical, medical and other industries. ; Especially in the liquor packaging machinery industry has achieved a remarkable brand reputation. For example, Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yanghe Winery Co., Ltd., and Anhui Yingjia Group are all loyal customers of our company. Since its development, our company can undertake a set of turnkey projects and related services such as positioning analysis, project design, equipment process configuration, personnel training, etc. of the 2000-30000 bottle/hour production line packaging center project.
Shandong is rich in resources and has a complete industrial system. Hospitable Shandong, Hospitable "Qilu" warmly welcomes guests from all over the world to visit Qilu for sightseeing and investment!

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QPM will take part in PROPAK EAST AFRICA 2023 exhibition to showcase its product at booth No.3 from March 14, 2023 to March 16, 2023.
Time: June 9, 2021 Place: Qilu Auditorium Theme: Reports on Precision Engineering Meeting Contents: 1. Mr. Zhang from production department to do the Responsibility System Report 2. Mr. Feng from metal working workshop to make the summary of the project work 3. Mr. Dai from metal working workshop to talk about production tools management and feeding process 4. Mr. Zhang from metal working workshop to conclude the summary of the project work.
Head in charge of safety production and batch assembly workshop director talking about the safe production; Quality inspection person in charge of quality inspection analysis and recognition awards.
Meeting Contents: Job appointments for dispatch department, general workshop, assembly workshop, procurement department; Department job responsibilities reports and Rationalization proposal winners awards.
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