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Enterprise Tenet:
Be a conscience enterprise and be a reliable enterprise
Cultural Concept:
Tolerance, trustworthiness, efficiency, and strength
Business Philosophy:
Innovation and development, integrity wins the world
Working Principle:
Seek truth from facts, tell the truth, and do practical things
Corporate Vision:
Creating an influential national brand in the world
Enterprise Mission:
Technological innovation to create good products, satisfactory service to benefit customers

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latest news

QPM will take part in PROPAK EAST AFRICA 2023 exhibition to showcase its product at booth No.3 from March 14, 2023 to March 16, 2023.
Time: June 9, 2021 Place: Qilu Auditorium Theme: Reports on Precision Engineering Meeting Contents: 1. Mr. Zhang from production department to do the Responsibility System Report 2. Mr. Feng from metal working workshop to make the summary of the project work 3. Mr. Dai from metal working workshop to talk about production tools management and feeding process 4. Mr. Zhang from metal working workshop to conclude the summary of the project work.
Head in charge of safety production and batch assembly workshop director talking about the safe production; Quality inspection person in charge of quality inspection analysis and recognition awards.
Meeting Contents: Job appointments for dispatch department, general workshop, assembly workshop, procurement department; Department job responsibilities reports and Rationalization proposal winners awards.
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