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QPM Morning Meeting - Reports on the Work of Precision Engineering in Metal Working

Time: June 9, 2021 Place: Qilu Auditorium Theme: Reports on Precision Engineering Meeting Contents: 1. Mr. Zhang from production department to do the Responsibility System Report 2. Mr. Feng from metal working workshop to make the summary of the project work 3. Mr. Dai from metal working workshop to talk about production tools management and feeding process 4. Mr. Zhang from metal working workshop to conclude the summary of the project work.

QPM Morning Meeting - Safety Production and Recognition Awards

Head in charge of safety production and batch assembly workshop director talking about the safe production; Quality inspection person in charge of quality inspection analysis and recognition awards.

QPM Morning Meeting - Department Job Appointments, Job Responsibility Reports and Recognition Awards

Meeting Contents: Job appointments for dispatch department, general workshop, assembly workshop, procurement department; Department job responsibilities reports and Rationalization proposal winners awards.

QPM Morning Meeting - Intensive Engineering Responsibility System Results Report and Recognition Awards

Meeting content: Fine engineering responsibility system results report and quarterly labor model recognition awards

The difference between automatic drop boxing machine and grabbing boxing machine

The difference between a fully automatic drop boxer and a grab boxer is the way the product enters the boxer. The drop boxing machine adopts the box drop buffer device to realize the flexible drop box. The grabbing boxing machine uses the double four-bar linkage mechanism to grab the bottles and enter the carton.
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